Socks5 tunnel over SSH on windows

A couple of days ago, I was trying to reach a certain page over the internet. The strange thing was that sometimes, the page seemed to be down so I let it rest for a couple of hours: they could be under┬ámaintenance and dropping connections. But after a couple of hours, the page was facing the same issues. So, I tried to connect over my phone’s 4g connection: To my surprise, the page was loading perfectly, so I tried tracing where the connection was being dropped:

On windows:


On Linux:


After 9 hops, the connection was lost, there was no response from some IP already on the destination page’s sub-network, shile on my phone, I was still getting a perfect user eperience on the page. After switching to google’s dns and having the same set of issues, I figured out for some reason, the remote machine was dropping my ISP┬ís connections, most likely because of some issue, so I decided to try tunneling my connection via my home connection, on a different ISP.

In order to do so, you must have a working SSH server with it’s ports properly mapped so it can be reached from outside (while SSH uses port 22 by default, I recommend using something different, like 2207 and map it to your internal 22 port: It’s a very tempting port for hackers).

Then, you just have to stablish the tunnel, on linux:

Let’s say your configuration goes like this:

  • Your home’s address (You can get a cheap solution for this with
  • Your ssh server user name to log in: user
  • Your ssh port: 2207
  • The local port you are going to use for socks connection: 8080

ssh -D 8080 -C -p 2207

Log in and keep the window open.


On windows, you will have to use a 3rd party software in order to make the tunnel.

I use kitty, a putty fork that i prefer for having extended features and a better sounding name in spanish rather than the original version, but you can use either one of them.

Then, configure it like you would usually do in order to stablish a ssh connection: Input your server’s address and port:

Then, go to tunnel settings and change these:


Once your connection is set you just have to redirect the connection from your browser. I used firefox because it’s easier to configure:

And you’re just done. Go to to see your new IP.