netdata: The perfect real time monitoring tool

When you have to deal with lots of machines and their well-being is your responsability, you tend to use tools like nagios, centreon, or something alike.

However, for your day-to-day usage on single machines, it would be great and pretty useful to have a place to see all your system’s stats in order to find out those horrible bottlenecks that are locking your system or just to have a glipmse of how your system performs.

Netdata can do all that… and more… and how!

This is netdata’s top part, where you get a quick overview of your system load

It’s got many, many sections and it’s fully configurable, but here you have some captures of some parts of your system netdata monitors:


CPU Utilization


Disk Usage

TCP Connections

Network traffic


…and many more, all on your web browser when pointing at your machine’s ip:19999

You can install it from AUR on arch LINUX. It’s pretty straightforward. Install, start/enable systemd unit, and you’re good to go.

And here you have a live previeo on their official page:


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