Access owncloud via webdav from kde

Owncloud is the best solution if you want to have your own private cloud. I will probably write a step by step manual in the future about how to do this on arch.

One of the perks of being open software is that they try to keep it as compatible as possible: Instead of just having their own client, they also give you the option to connect via WebDav protocol.

This is the best choice when you want to open it on your file browser (i.e. kde’s dolphin)

ll you have to do is enter the url like so on the address bar:


…and you will be prompted with a login dialogue.

Easy, ¿isn’t it?

Let’s go a step further: Let’s say you want to mount the dav folder on your FS, all you have to do is (prior to have the package davfs2 on arch installed) is:

mount -t davfs https://your-owncloud.url/remote.php/webdav /path/to/mountpoint

and/or add an entry to your /etc/fstab:

https://your-owncloud.url/remote.php/webdav /path/to/mountpoint davfs user,noauto,uid=username,file_mode=600,dir_mode=700 0 1

More info at the Arch Wiki Davfs page



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